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Social media has been a-buzz about bloggers denying they have accepted payments from companies they have actually been paid by from the outset. Personally I think it's awesome they can get paid for saying stuff or writing words. I think it is super cool and privilege to do what you love and get paid for it. Less cool to lie about obv. but cmon give them a break! Who are we to audit the accounts of the influencers we follow for daily inspo, info, sh*ts and giggs? Do you tell everyone you meet how much you get paid and by whom?

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For the record, I've never been paid for a blog post by a brand - not now nor in the past under my previous fashion blog. That might change at some point but I've always found other ways to monetise my media presence and just use my social channels to share things I vibe off. But in the vibe of full disclosure and wanting to be completely honest, I thought I would elaborate on who pays my bills and where the buck stops because frankly, those who employ me deserve full credit. I am also lucky enough to be good friend's with one of NZ's most well-loved mummy bloggers Sera Lilly. She has relentlessly supported me into this new career that fits around Eddy's special needs.

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I am not an ideal employee. I'm depressed and anxious and I refuse to take my medication.

I wont do long meetings, weekends or overtime, in fact I don't move far from home. I can't.

I'm a solo mum to a boy with a genetic syndrome that has many symptoms, such as, nocturnal seizure disorder so I'm frequently not doing my job, at the hospital or at home with him doing other stuff that doesn't include working. I'm underslept and overcomitted. Always late, physically exhausted and mentally unstable. Apart from the fact I take a pretty picture and I'm half decent at stringing a sentence together, I don't know why anyone would want to work with me!

mummy blogger mum blog mumblog mummyblog special needs wellness fitness social media auckland new zealand wellfitmum katy thomas

My favourite client is my sister's company Pet Transport. Partly cus of the puppy cuddles but also I am ridonkulously proud that they are world leaders in international pet travel. Governments around the world have her on speed dial to establish protocols for pet travel! The family biz passed from her godmother's father to my Dad, now to my sister. Sarah-Jean is the most caring, ethical animal-lover you could possibly wish for to transport your pets or working dogs overseas from NZ. Even the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs and NZ Defence Force choose her to move all their dogs around the world!

mummy blogger mum blog mumblog mummyblog wellness fitness social media auckland new zealand wellfitmum katy thomas puppy pettransportnz

Another client you already know about is Thin Lizzy. They have always been cruelty-free but most people don't know that. I love that they don't do it to jump on the bandwagon, they don't even put it on the bottle yet! Because they formulate for people with the worst skin conditions, their gentle vegan formulations help keep my skin in balance. I've been looking after their social media this year until they found a full-timer. Now they have, I'm delighted to be handing the reins over on December 16 but that wont stop me using or endorsing their awesome cruelty-free NZmade products.

One you probably aren't aware of, unless you pay really close attention to my IG profile is Yamaha. About a year ago I was booked for a global shoot, which means those ads are mainly used in Japan and international territories, which is why you haven't seen them here. Since then I've been helping them out with their social media, directing social video content and helping them fill a void left by their marketing manager's departure for Australia. I love the outdoorsy, family values this brand embodies from grassroots up and it's a pleasure to watch young kiwi talent develop internationally.

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I've recently started working with Flex Fitness in a casual manner. I don't accept any payment as such but neither do I pay gym fees and my amazing personal trainers works really closely with me, for free. I love the inclusive atmosphere and next level equipment - their gyms are basically playgrounds for adults! Working out needs to be fun and good equipment and knowledgable staff reduce the likelihood of injury and increase the likelihood you will return again and again. I use exercise as an alternative to taking medication for my anxiety and depression so a happy space is critical to me.

As of this month I started working with Beko in NZ . It's a relatively unknown brand in NZ but I know it well as I was born and raised in the UK. It's the no.1 appliance brand in UK & Europe. Their fridge technology is next level, A+ energy rating, actual blue light and ion technology that keeps your fruit and veg fresher and crisper longer. Right now they are giving away a tonne of fridges which is hopefully going to put some much needed cash back in the pockets of kiwi families who need it this Xmas. You can follow their Facebook and Instagram here and I since I started both a few weeks ago, we have already given away at least 5 free fridges in New Zealand!

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