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One of the most powerful tools I know of to get through a hectic Monday is guided meditation. If you've tried meditation before and gave up cus your mind wandered back to stressful ideas and feelings, maybe you should give guided meditation a try! Guided meditation is like yoga for the mind and has offers a world of proven healthy benefits. It's easier than silent meditation because you have someone explaining to you what to do to relax. You just switch off the mental chatter and listen.

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Meditation is anti-ageing, reduces stress, increases happiness, improves self-awareness and benefits both cardiovascular health and immunity support. I like to think of guided meditation as a chill pill in my back pocket. As I am prone to panic attacks when running close to exhaustion (pretty much my life every day!) when I feel that familiar flutter in my chest, I simply pop the earphones in and chill out. They also work a treat on Eddy! I put the 15minute bodyscan on at bedtime each night and he's usually snoring by the end of the track! On a tricky night I'll loop it and leave it on for hours.

Right now, my 3 favourite mindful guided meditations are free for you to start incorporating mindful practise into your daily life. Healthier than chocolate, quicker than exercise and more energising than coffee, please feel free to download the MP3 files direct from the link above. Made with love and peace in mind - if you know someone who may benefit from these, please do like & share this post, it would make my day! I hope you have an amazing week yourself. Love, Katy xx

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