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So so stoked I have finally nailed the ultimate peanut butter choc chip cookie and made it vegan! Taste tested on carnivores (Dad loved it!) and toddlers, (Eddy stole from the baking tray!) this is a modified version of a GF DF peanut butter cookie I came up with years ago. But I used egg in it (free-range) and it made me sad that my friends vegan daughter Stella (@therawblogger check her out she's amazing!) couldn't make them or enjoy them.

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Working with Aquafaba as a vegan egg replacer in baking is not without it's challenges as I discovered on round one of this new and improved cook. It is a viscous fluid that you want to be quite thick and gluey to bind the ingredients together. If it's looking a tad watery, go ahead an add another tablespoon for good measure. Don't worry about the smell or taste, the peanut butter and vanilla essence combo in this easy vegan cookie recipe completely disguise it.

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Soz about the high contrast in these cookie pics, I baked late in the arvo and so the sun was low!

It's a one-bowl, one tray vegan cookie dough recipe that could legit be mixed into smoothies or eaten raw. Ok, so I ate like 1/4 of the bowl raw so it could potentially fill more than one baking tray! No need for a cookie dough mixer, a fork, spoon or getting stuck in with hands will do! And because it is gluten-free you don't need to worry about over mixing it. You can scoop it out in rounds and squish down with a chocolate button or roll into a log and slice like I did in my snapchat (@wellfitmumnz if you want to follow) tutorial yesterday.


1/2 cup of smooth no added sugar peanut butter (I used Eta but any will do!)

1/2 cup of extra crunchy no added sugar peanut butter (I used Pams but any will do!)

1/2 cup of loosely packed brown sugar (you don't need more! the choc brings the sweetness!)

4 tbsp of aquafaba (this is the "juice" or remainder brine from chickpeas in a can)

1/2 cup of coconut flour (I used Zenian organic and it's probably my fave coco flour to bake with)

1/2 cup of dark choc chips (I use Sun Valley cus it's a dairyfree but just use whatever works for you!)

2 tsp of vanilla essence (I used Queen organic but seriously, they all work)

1 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of baking soda

pinch of Himalayan Salt

dark chocolate buttons to decorate if you wish (totally not necessary, I wanted to use up leftovers!)

Preheat over to 175 degrees celsius on a fanforced oven. Mix the sugar into the peanut butters. Add vanilla essence and aquafaba and combine. Stir in / squish in with your hands, coconut flour and dark chocolate chips. Either scoop tablespoon mounds onto the tray or roll into logs the width you want your cookies to be and slice into rounds with a sharp knife.

Optional: squish tops with fork holding the sides of the cookie if you scooped spoonfuls

Optional: press dark chocolate buttons gently on top

Bake for 10-15 minutes or until a deep caramel colour as in pictures above. Cool on the baking tray. Cookie is soft enough for toddlers to bite into easily but the nuts from the peanut butter give a good crunchy texture. Extremely moreish, guaranteed to delight kids and kidults.

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