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"No Mummy! I don't like work! I don't like it!" As Edward clung to my leg screaming and crying, I wanted to sit down beside him and start crying too. I see it at daycare all the time, exasperated or blubbering parents trying valiantly to extricate themselves from hysterical small ones. I still sob in the car at least once a week after I drop Edward off. Consumed with guilt that I have to go and earn.

Working is not just about money. It's about independence and identity. It's about not being defined by our parental roles and pursuing personal growth. It's about not abandoning our burgeoning careers in the face of your delicious faces and cuddles. It's about selfworth, discipline and autonomy.

Not going to lie, back in the newborn days, I was hella jealous of all my friends on maternity leave or those financially secure enough to be SAHMs. Like seething, almost livid with jealousy. I was aching to be with my baby and just immerse myself in a world of snuggles. Instead, from the moment I gained consciousness post emergency c-section, I was taking business calls and clearing emails.

Editing articles on my phone and approving ad copy or client billboards from my hospital bed.

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My Mum, Dad, stepdad, sister and aunties encouraged and supported me to keep working and keep a finger in the media pie. They insisted although it was hard now, I would be grateful for it later. And I am. There is a real loss of identity when you become a mother. You become consumed with coping mechanisms. Leaping from one parenting frying-pan to a fire, forgetting your hobbies, likes and dislikes and replacing them with baby wants and needs. Noone calls your by a name, except Mum.

Striking the balance between meeting their needs and your own is juggling act that never gets any easier. The pressure to be the perfect Mum / wife / worker is totally perpetuated by unrealistic stars of social media and television. It's edited yo! Check your filter, noones life is perfect. Our children need to understand we too have interests and ambitions beyond seeing them fulfil theirs. I hope one day Edward looks at my work ethic and finds inspiration to pursue his own hopes and dreams.

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After walking away from TV presenting to have a baby, I am beyond thrilled to be going back to television to host a baby show. As I have already starting building audience of yummy mummies online, I'd really love your help to make my new show great. Where do you need help as a parent? Getting baby to sleep? What products to use? Which is best breast or bottle? I want this show to be relevant and entertaining. We will have doctors and guests, live audience - who is keen to come?! Please like or comment on the FB post that lead you here and or share with friends would be keen!

Winner of the Warehouse NZ Living Giveaway:

Rachel Ager

Please send me a DM via to arrange delivery :)

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