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I have a really longstanding love affair with Thin Lizzy. I have outrageously sensitive skin and most makeup brands irritate the bejeezus out of my face. We're talking rashes and acne, eyes watering like a baby and oxidisation that makes stuff look orange when I'm actually not. Most days I don't wear makeup at all. But when I do, it has to be quick to apply and last all day.

If you've seen my snaps (@wellfitmumnz) or my instagram (@iamkatythomas) you know I'm barefaced most of the time and when I wear makeup, I prefer the natural look, rather than plastering it on an inch thick. I never want to appear different in real life than I do in my pics. With all the unrealistic expectations put on women and their appearance these days, I don't want to contribute to that.

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Apart from my lipbalm (Burt's Bee's) everything on my face in this unphotoshopped pic is Thin Lizzy.

Even though I'm not TV presenting these days, I still work in front of the camera to turn a coin. So makeup is still a working necessity. Regardless, I do feel more confident when I wear makeup. Whether it's a makeup artist or myself, putting that positive energy into my face, finding the beauty and celebrating the unique way I look is a good thing. Same goes for you mama.

You are beautiful. With or without makeup. Makeup is fun. It builds confidence and creativity and anything that helps you love the skin you are in is allll good in my book. Personally, I find that easier to do with cruelty-free, NZ made, vegan and vege products. Congratulations Michaela Mollison. You are the first of many mums to win with me and Makeup Monday. I can't wait for next week. XX Katy

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